Eliminating cost as a barrier to quality design education

Never did learn Rhino?  Revit?  How a LEED project is run?

Or perhaps you’d like to know when/whether to even hire an architect.

Offering live classes to design professionals and the general public

Learn from experts in architecture and beyond, teaching what they know best.

Courses only cost $26/week  (3hrs)

Courses range from 1-8 weeks long

Unlimited courses for only $124/mo

Much cheaper than community college or extension classes!

The AIA LA is offering a 4 hour Revit class for $150 to members, $300 to the public – link

Microdesk offers a one day 9-4 class on AutoCAD for $845 – link

Free options too – contribute time instead of money

Running DECO requires a wide variety of skills, so this may be the best option if money is tight.

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More than 25% of America’s architects are unemployed. – AIA newsletter, June 11, 2010

Are you one of them?  Want to ensure you don’t become one?  Pick up some new skills and build your credentials.

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