The DECO Vision:
Teach what you know, Learn what you don’t

With more than a quarter of licensed architects unemployed, there is a great wealth of knowledge and expertise being wasted.  With years of professional experience, each of them has developed specific areas of expertise, from management to specific software programs.  What if each of them was willing to teach what they knew well, in exchange for learning anything else they wanted to learn? Founded on this premise, DECO includes a wide variety of courses, and invites you to benefit from this sharing of knowledge.

DECO is for:


Taking the initiative to learn the software better or pick up new skills will make you more valuable to the firm can only pay dividends and lead to greater responsibilities.


You find yourself asked to design additions and remodels.  Want some design training?  Much of your experience with designers is from an adversarial position, DECO is an opportunity to be colleagues and break down the walls.

Job seekers:

Build your portfolio, enhance your resume.  Become a software guru.  Learn who’s hiring.  Stand out and get hired!


What is it architects really do?  Should you talk to one?  How much do they charge?  How do you choose one?  What can you do with your house?


Learn what your classmates aren’t to get an edge on them now and after graduation.  Create a resume and portfolio that stand out.


Learn the full capabilities of the programs your firm uses.  Learn how others have run LEED projects.  With so much time going to managing, it can be hard to stay up to date.

Other industries:

Whether in real estate, development, or as an exec responsible for expanding into a new building, many people can directly and immediately benefit from an understanding of design.

The Founder:

Design Collective was founded by Jenda Michl after learning that more than 25% of all U.S. architects were still unemployed as of June 2010.  The son of a university professor and with a masters degree in architecture, he strongly believes in making  education and enrichment affordable and accessible to all. The work of his design firm, Vertu Studio, has been seen many places, including Tesla Motors, the Art Center College of Design, and Whole Foods stores nationwide.  He especially enjoys designing and building structures and installations from waste and scrap, as well as furniture.   Jenda is also an experienced design critic at schools including USC and the Art Center, and an invited speaker and lecturer.

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There is an endless list of things to know, and all that knowledge is at your fingertips.

Join Deco, unleash yourself.