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When do we start?

Soon!  Hopefully August.  We are busy selecting our first roster of instructors, and securing classroom spaces around town.

Will courses have a syllabus?

Yes.  Instructors will provide a syllabus when proposing a class.  Students will be able to view these to gauge their interest in courses.

How is this financially viable?

The DECO premise minimizes overhead by paying our overhead costs in education rather than money.  Granted, the popular teachers will be paid, and we will have a variety of other costs, but by eliminating a huge source of cost the low membership fees will still allow financial viability.  Ideally, we will save toward our own spaces.

I’m an architect, will we be designing or building?

Absolutely!  Entrance of teams/classes into competitions is encouraged.  Design studios will also be offered to exercise your creative instincts.  Also, as a group we aim to design and build our own space as soon as we can.  The potential for built work is out there, whether as part of a class or through relationships you build as member of DECO.

Anyone can teach… so… what if they’re no good?

While all instructors will be carefully selected experts, not everyone is a born instructor.  Rather than us judging, the students will!  If an instructor isn’t attracting enough students, their class will not be offered again.  They can try a different course (perhaps it was the subject matter or schedule at fault, not the instructor, after all), but if they have a track record of not attracting students… they will have to find another way to contribute to DECO.

What will the class size requirements be?

If instructors attract an average of five or more students to their course, they’re golden.  There will be a grace period for any new class, of course.  There will be size limitations as well, as appropriate to the course.

Will instructors be paid?

Yes.  As an instructor’s course attracts more than 10 students, they will be paid on a sliding scale. If they attract 10 or fewer students, they can of course still enjoy their free membership and access to unlimited classes themselves.

What other ways of contributing will there be?

Any organization needs staff.  click on “Join as an Instructor” on the “I’m Interested” page to see what we’ve come up with so far.  Time will tell exactly what responsibilities there will be, but it’s hard to foresee a shortage of things that will need to be taken care of.

What kind of classes can I teach?

What do you know well?  Check out the curriculum page for some ideas, but ultimately it’s your call what you teach.

What if someone else is already teaching the class I want to teach?

Multiple teachers can teach on the same subject.  If they all can attract students, great!  Remember also, students are at different levels, we will need advanced classes as well as intro ones.

I don’t have an advanced degree or five years experience, can I still teach?

If you can demonstrate expertise in something, you can absolutely offer a class.

How will I know when/where classes are?

There will be a schedule posted online, showing who will be teaching, what, where, when.

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