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General Student

Courses will generally meet once a week, three hours at a time.

  • 1wk course – $26 (3 hours)
  • 4wk course – $104 (12 hours)
  • 6wk course – $156 (18 hours)
  • 8wk course – $208 (24 hours)

The AIA Los Angeles is charging its members $150 per 4 hour Revit class, $300 for the public!*

Unlimited – $124/mo
  • Attend unlimited courses
  • Discounts available to active students from other institutions
  • When registering for a course which extends past your unlimited month, a deposit is needed for the extra classes.  You may choose to apply this to extending your unlimited membership at any time.
Teach to Learn – Free/Paid
  • Attend unlimited courses, and utilize all services offered, free entrance to any special events
  • Must be available to teach one class (3 hours/wk) which meets attendance requirements
  • Must either hold an advanced degree, have 5+ years related work experience and/or have demonstrated excellence and expertise in the subject
  • Get paid on a sliding scale by attracting more students!
Time to Play – Free
  • Attend unlimited courses
  • Performs necessary tasks in support of the Design Collective (8 hours/wk)


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The DECO pricing structure may evolve over time.